Event Detail

1.Climate Action Group (CAG): The Climate Action Group consisting of 43 members representing various sectors/departments was established with nominations from each of the twelve sectors identified in the State Action Plan for Climate Change (SAPCC). The formalization of the CAG was undertaken during the State Council on Climate Change

2. Climate Change Sectoral Working Group (CCSWG) Working groups for the four priority sectors - water, energy, under the project was also formulated. As each sector has a number of departments/agencies undertaking specialized work, the CCSWG has representation of each of the stated department/agency with a chairperson heading the group. Their roles have been defined as agreed during the State Council for Climate Change 3. Knowledge Management Group (KMG) Uttarakhand CCC has successfully initiated the process for the establishment of the Knowledge Management portal. A working group has been constituted for developing and managing the portal and includes representatives of State agencies/ institutes such as USAC, UCOST. The State has also received funding from Department of Science and Technology (DST) for undertaking these activities.