Event Detail

On February 2, 2017 the State Climate Change Centre of Government of Uttarakhand and Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) convened a Round Table on “Towards Implementation of NDCs: Achievements and Opportunities” in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

CDKN is a global knowledge and capability building network active in over 28 countries. It promotes climate compatible development that offers shared prosperity for the poor and vulnerable citizens.

NDCs and nationally determined commitments made by India under COP 21 Paris Agreement.

This round table built on the results of November 23, 2016, workshop titled, “Operationalising the Uttarakhand Action Plan on Climate Change: Applying the Uttarakhand vulnerability and risk assessment to integrate climate change in state development planning”.

The action plan offers a pathway for sustainable development in key sectors of agriculture and water and health and disaster building resilience.

The round table aimed at making Uttarakhand lead in taking climate compatible measures in India.

Uttarakhand is perhaps the first state of India in having a Climate Action Plan in 5 key sectors and first in considering 1% expenditure on climate change related activities in each of the 66 departments of Government of Uttarakhand.

The participants proposed to explore ways that Uttarakhand can implement NDCs with focus on its citizens and climate, both.

Over 35 participants representing State and District level Departments, think tanks, and CSOs joined the round table to understand and apply the NDC utilisation guidelines developed by CDKN and RICARDO based on global experience.

The participation was unique in having both, ongoing involvement in NDC formation as well as future plans for NDC implementation in Uttarakhand.

Translating NDC commitments into policies, programmes and investment plans is key to fully operationalizing and realising the set targets that lead to State’s economic growth and ultimately, India’s economic growth.

Thus, the round table, discussed the achievements in moviong towards NDC implementation and enlist opportunities to integrate NDCs with State Action Plan on Climate Change, SDGs and Development Plan of each department.

The state will work with CDKN to develop its capacities to implement urban and forestry and finance related NDCs. The state will access global knowledge on climate financing.

Uttarakhand will develop 5 years NDC implementation plan with CDKN. This will include building capacity of key departments, upgrading skills of selected cities and districts, mobilizing resources for project financing, and collaborative knowledge management encreation.